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4-th industrial revolution is finally roaring at our gates !

Decentralization, cryptocurrency, DLT, cryptoanarchy, ICO, tokens & new financial technologies are totally disrupting the old world of yesterday. We’re witnessing the grandest transformation in the last 100 years of history, since the invention of electricity, telegraph, radio waves, automobiles and aviation. Our institutions, government, social relationships, business will never be the same again. Besides, behind any decentralized project, new fintech service, new token startup and revolutionary project there are standing people who made it happen. Those are people, unlimited by old mindframe, dreaming to change the known world. This is a new elite, ready to change the basis.
FUTURE TIMES will tell you the stories of new cryptoelite, blockchain geeks, cryptocurrency financial geniuses, cryptoanarchists and disruptors of great change.

We will guide you in the times of new revolution.

Future is now.




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