January 10th, 2019

Betting on a decentralized exchange: bitcoin bookmakers and betting sites

Betting on a decentralized exchange: bitcoin bookmakers and betting sites

January 10th, 2019

Can I bet on sports in bitcoins?

Of course, you can. Now using Bitcoins you can pay for lunch in a restaurant, in some cities on the street you can meet cryptobank. Cryptocurrencies take their place in the everyday life of people and have also become noticed by bookmakers. So, even the most famous bookmakers officially accept Bitcoins. In the beginning, bookmakers began to provide players with bets on the course of cryptocurrency only in Bitcoin. But soon, many began to accept sports betting in Bitcoins and sports betting in a variety of cryptocurrencies. The advantage for bookmakers is that virtual currencies are not yet regulated by the law, and the law does not limit the size of the maximum rate, as is the case with fiat money.

Bitcoin in sports betting: why is it profitable

Thanks to Bitcoin, the lover of excitement gets an opportunity to touch the future – it’s no secret that the technology is ahead of its time. But even now, a virtual currency brings tangible and obvious benefits, among them:

Anonymity. Personal information remains hidden even for online casinos.

Savings. Transactions on the Bitcoin blockchain are faster than traditional ones and cost less.

Independence. Internal prohibitions lose their meaning because cryptocurrency makes you a citizen of the world.

It is also believed that if you bet in Bitcoin, you’re more likely to win. However, that’s just rumors …

Some bookmakers accepting cryptocurrencies



Bookmaker 1xbit accepts bets only on cryptocurrency, no other monetary units. It is impossible to replenish the account through WebMoney, using payment bank cards or in another way, only bets on sports in cryptocurrency. Of course, it is not a secret, there are not many customers, but there are some positive aspects, one of which is anonymity, all the company’s clients cannot be identified. As a result, they can bet large amounts of bets on top events in the world of sports, and make a profit that should not be fixed in tax institutions. In addition, each player, departing from the rules of the bookmaker offices, may have more than one game account, which allows you to operate with amounts, bets and tactical schemes.



BetcoinSports is a bitcoin organization that offers demo mode to potential customers. Offers new customers a first deposit bonus of up to one hundred dollars. The company allows the user to try their luck at stakes, try their hand, practice, without risking their own savings. Bitcoins in BetcoinSports BC can be put on all known sports and popular tournaments. The minimum amount to be paid is 0.01 BTC. Minimum bid: 0.005 BTC. If you have made a deposit in Bitcoins, then the withdrawal of funds earned will be made in the same currency.



Despite a very decent casino, CloudBet is primarily known for its ability to put bitcoins on football, basketball, boxing, darts, racing and a whole bunch of other sports, including even floorball and cricket. The first deposit on CloudBet will bring the player bonus 100% up to five bitcoins. The portal declares that it accepts the largest bets among such sports bookmakers: 200 BTC for the NBA, NHL, and European football championships. The resource promises instant transfers for which the user does not take a commission. The protection is impressive: account security is ensured by two-step authentication, and bitcoins are contained in offline cold storage mode.



SportsBet.io betting portal offers approximately the same number of sports as CloudBet. It is remarkable that here you can bet in Bitcoin currency not only on the outcome of sports matches but also on the results of individual players. So far this is only possible within the framework of Major League Baseball and the National Football League.



Pinnacle bookmaker is a fairly reputable bookmaker, which initially did not work with cryptocurrencies, but for several years it has been accepting BTC for betting on sporting events. The website interface of this crypto bookmaker is also good. A feature of this office is that it welcomes professional players, so it does not underestimate the maximum amounts for bets. With all these words, you can make sure by clicking on the link and making your own assessment.

The percentage of sports rates in cryptocurrency takes only a few percents of the traditional money rates. But it continues to gain momentum confidently if we are talking about the confidence of the bookmakers that Bitcoin and its fellows will be able to push the dollar, euro or ruble out of the gaming industry, this is unlikely … Everyone understands that this procedure is done with an eye to the future, no one wants to occupy the last place in cryptocurrency rates. Therefore, they are intensively going hand in hand, bringing Bitcoin era and sports betting closer. But to predict the rapid development of sports rates in cryptocurrency is not worth it, human nature is distinguished by its conservatism. What is now and if it is not so bad, why force events and bring the moment of truth closer? This is the opinion of most of the world’s population. In this regard, you should not wait for the rapid rise of a duet of rates and cryptocurrency. Now for many, it turns out to buy and make a cashing of cryptocurrency a whole “Western”. This becomes an obstacle to the formation of cryptocurrency, as a held payment unit. If this barrier is removed, and it is as simple as possible to do everything, then the development of cryptocurrencies in the world community can be accelerated.

And together with them and sports betting in cryptocurrency!