By Laura K. Inamedinova
June 3rd, 2018

Basic ideas for ICO communication and how to develop them

Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology remain enormously popular even after several serious falls of Bitcoin. This means that ICOs have their continuity: numbers of new raisings are appearing online every day, but not all of them are going to be successful. This type of raising capital has become popular amongst scammers, unfortunately, therefore many people do not trust even genuine ideas and promises. The aspect of communications is especially important, as the strategy which is built in a precise and appropriate way can really change the overall future of any ICO.

So how to create the brilliant strategy of communication? Actually, it is not as difficult as it might seem from the first sight. There are a few essential rules to follow step-by-step.

Have a clear message and… don’t lie

First of all, the very idea and purposes of the project should be expressed pretty clearly. Whilst thinking of the latter, put the prospects into consideration. It is crucial to define the real appliance of the product your project provides. Essentially, it should define its benefits and necessity for both people and sector. In other words, the communication of the project should focus on demonstrating benefits of this particular project. Also, the idea of it should be innovative and never seen previously. Being exceptional or a pioneer of certain ideas is amazing as far as successful stories in business are concerned… but do not forget to use common sense and make realistic plans. Every exaggeration may be revealed sooner or later, and such details are inglorious for any project. Last, but not the least, the exact target groups of the project should be seriously considered in terms of approaching strategies. The same idea can be interesting to various ages, social classes or cultural backgrounds, but it requires different presentations in order to make it a catch-all phenomenon.

Google knows everything – are you prepared?

What is more, during the digital era, the concept of business is a fundamental part of Internet and similar thing applies to people, definitely. It is especially important when it comes to teams of projects, as the information found online may tell much more than official communication with potential investors (phone conversations, letters, meetings, you name it). Both search engines and social networks are perfectly designed for primary search of team members and their biographies, as they require just a few keywords and some time to analyze articles, posts or recommendations. Surely, probably all of us have ever said something in an inappropriate manner or liked a kind of happy-go-lucky post. Even though team members do not need to be obsessed and to monitor every step in social media during the last decade, these things should be ultimately avoided in the future. Also, the public information provided in profiles has to be appropriate as well, starting with photos and finishing with favourite quotes. In terms of professional social networks (for example, LinkedIn) – the biggest success in business relations is more likely to come when work experience and references are displayed in a clear, short and precise way. No one likes reading long and meaningless sentences, as it does make the communication significantly shallower!

Have the FAQ ready

Finally, the collaboration with investors has come. Make sure it is possible to express the idea of the project clearly. All additional questions should be possible to answer as well. Seems obvious, but many people, involved in technologies may forget what type of questions they can receive from beginners and usually consider them as intuitive details. However, such attitude is quite faulty given the fact that currently, cryptocurrencies and Blockchain involve many people who are coming from the background, not related to finance or tech and may even be interested in their first investment. Therefore, it is crucial to explain the project conception in a nice and easy way. Do not worry if people interested in investment are asking for further details. A precise clarification of smallest things can not only help in wider understanding of potential investors, but also picture the project as the trustworthy one, what is especially important given the mentioned fact that the industry of crypto seems to be fishy for many people. Finally, let us go back to the previous paragraph, as in this case digital tools have a substantial role. It is important to make sure that the website of project is neatly finished, as well as the whitepaper.

Still struggling with building communication or implementing separate elements of it in the daily agenda of the project? No worries, as the collaboration with professionals of this sector is seriously encouraged and popular between startups nowadays. These people, facing different industries, customers and needs, can perfectly advise regarding the communication of the project. The most beneficial choice of such advisors? Work with people who are into mutual work, regularly asking the opinion on particular things within project and letting to express the voice of the team. Such collaboration will demonstrate the best and definitely most genuine results.