By Ana Balashova (@coinjive)
August 1st, 2018

Decenturion’s Rise: Put Yourself on Decentralized World Map

Vitalik Buterin’s dream is about to come true with the launch of the first decentralized state in the world.

On the 1st of August, 2018, Decenturion, “the first decentralized state” will be officially launched, supposedly starting a new chapter in the book of the state governance.

From Vitalik Buterin, preaching about society’s liberation through decentralization to billionaire Peter Thiel, whom nearly ten years ago co-founded the Seasteading Institute, that worked toward the creation of the floating cities. And lately evolved into a pilot project with French Polynesia Authorities and the token Varyon: some of the greatest men alive are trying to tackle the problem of modern governance.

Decenturion appears to be ahead of that race with the official launch of a new state in a couple of days time. And seems like there much more behind the project than attractive economy with no taxes, ways to earn for the citizens, performing useful actions, that support the society structure; opportunities to receive dividends in local businesses tokens for less active citizens and vast possibilities to build businesses for startups – from attracting financing to drawing the passionate audience for the new projects. For the launch within the new decentralized state, projects have to distribute 50% of tokens to its citizens of as a mean of passive income.  The predictions on the annual value of passive income for Decenturion citizens, as stated on page 8 of the project’s manifesto is about $25,000 and possibly higher in the future – up to $1m per year. Decenturion intends to launch 300 startups by the end of the year and 3,000 by 2019.

Apart from this model, that still has to be tested and adjusted to proof that it’s working, the team made some significant moves for scaling Decenturion. One of the critical missions the company sees “helping all states of the world and introduce the technology in the public administration sector.” The first steps were made on this frontier: Decenturion hosted a special event for members of Blockchain for Impact at the United Nations in June. The conference brought together more than 400 social entrepreneurs and innovators and made some noise among the right audience.

It’s known that an approximate number of new state’s citizens is 140 000 and anyone interested still has a chance to reserve Decenturion’s passport free of charge. After the 1st of August, the citizenship will become paid with an initial price of 1 DCNT or $1500. Although, the token at the moment of writing this article trades on HitBTC at the rates of 0,1 BTC per 1 DCNT (which is around $813).

But it’s not clear what rates of DCNT does future hold (unless you own the crystal ball), so it’s better to be on time and take advantage of the several hours left to claim the first decentralized state passport. And the last perk of doing so – on the 1st of August Decenturion will distribute 100 000 DCNT tokens among all registered citizens.

Future Times has requested more details about the project, and we’ll keep you posted on any updates on that front. Stay tuned.