1 year ago

The leading Japanese information and communication technology (ICT) company Fujitsu announced the opening of its international Blockchain Innovation Center in Belgium to explore the technology’s potential usage in various areas.

According to press release, the new institution will research and develop Blockchain-based solutions in “sectors of all kinds” including logistics, public ledgers such as real estate ownership, voting ID and smart contracts.

“Belgium is the ideal place to establish an international competence center such as the Fujitsu Blockchain Innovation Center. Belgium is located in the center of Europe. Moreover, Belgium’s economy is driven by innovation.”
– Kris Peeters, Deputy Prime Minister of Belgium

One particular area of expertise that Fujitsu plans to focus on is application of blockchain for the design and use of Smart City services. Fujitsu is planning to research various aspects of Smart Cities: technologies and their implementation, demographic factors, social organization, economy and ecology. The center is going to conduct and encourage research both for Brussels and other cities and agglomerations.

Earlier, Fujitsu has unveiled its innovative system ConnectionChain aimed at facilitating transactions and interoperations between Blockchain.