By Laura K. Inamedinova
October 28th, 2018

Halloween special: funniest and scariest crypto related costume ideas

Halloween special: funniest and scariest crypto related costume ideas

By Laura K. Inamedinova
October 28th, 2018

The scariest night of the year is quickly coming. It is definitely the perfect time for thrilling catch-ups, incredible night outs or ins and showing off creativity when it comes to themes of parties. Yes, you have read it right – why not giving a try for crypto-themed costumes for the magical evening this Halloween?

Costumes are a really important part of this celebration, everyone should agree. And the world of crypto may become a very successful accent of it without putting extra effort. All what is necessary is a drop of fantasy and no fear to look exceptional!

1. A lovely crypto bubble

Let us start with a sadder one. The whole industry has experienced a major decrease this year, and it was accompanied by still-existing stereotypes and jokes about cryptocurrencies, their miners and investors. Throughout a year, many of us have heard numerous concerns about the potentially colossal burst of the crypto bubble – it would be definitely a terrible end of the story, but at the same time, this is exactly what the very idea of Halloween requires.

Also, this idea of the crypto catastrophe became so basic that it deserved to the without any excuses. During the parties of Halloween, people tend imitate politicians (2016 was definitely a year for Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton) or celebrities seen on tabloids every day (Kim and Kanye? Basically classics). Bitcoin was amongst the hottest topics among various social groups this year and it is highly likely that any of your acquaintances has a significant opinion about it. Why not reflect it?

Our MVP from 2017. Source:

2. Influential crypto figures

Because we can relate! They can be mysterious. They are way too fancy from time to time. Some of them do not care about their appearance at all (the annual Halloween joke that the best costume is forgetting to groom may come true!). And so on.

In other words, crypto figures are so contrasting that any of us could find some attractive qualities or similarities in them. The complexity of this industry has involved a number of personalities specializing in different aspects of crypto. Eccentric influencers, showing off luxurious life acquired after selling in November 2017? All in. Sleepless developers? Perfectly fine. That random figure in HODL T-shirt? Effortless and stunning.

If in doubt or just a bit too tired and lazy, the role of Satoshi Nakamoto is always an option. As their identity is still unknown, the Halloween party can become a cheat day outfit-wise: nobody could oppose this statement anyway. As risky as volatile assets, this joke has a chance to become the best part during the evening – however, its communication strategy should be precise like the most successful ICO projects!

Just a lovely crypto T-Shirt suitable for multiple occasions, source:

3. Details of cryptocurrencies

Traditional Halloween costumes are nice and funny, and there is no problem to infuse them with a bit of disruptive technologies. No, we do not suggest learning 3D printing or invent new colours. Just a bit of Google (or an informal chat with someone with a good sense of humour from crypto industry?) and the list of existing, doomed and witty crypto projects may cause a little inner fight. What a wide range of selection, huh? DogeCoin may seem as a meme of 2014, but Halloween is more than a suitable occasion to make it great again…

Matching with mainstream Halloween outfits (as for example, a ghost or a Joker), the details of cryptocurrencies will surely make an eye-catching impression. Crypto Caspers and Altcoin Clowns is an original approach towards something seen for hundred times – several stickers or the choice of makeup can perfectly enrich the image.

Finally, the mashup of traditional costume and crypto ideas is a wonderful chance to have a lovely conversation with both enthusiasts and beginners of crypto industry. Basically, who would miss an opportunity to ask how and why this idea started?

Our choice: keeping it simple does not mean increasing boredom. This walking Bitcoin is super exciting.

Orange is the new black. Source:

Bonus idea: Regulators, institutionalists, bankers…

We do know these ones are far from the best friends of crypto founders and investors. Although the relationship has become warmer over the year, there is still a right to make a bit of fun of financial traditionalists who saw (or still see) cryptocurrencies and Blockchain as a threat.

Once again, nearly effortless yet interesting choice. However, pale face matched with a sophisticated suit may be not enough. The choice of this role is worth considering fake laptop on side and sipping artisan black Americano with a few drops of ultimately organic milk in a paper cup. This is a night when no one sleeps and RedBull has too much sugar, right? The notebook filled with recent crypto breaches may be also useful.

Our suggestion: try it with a friend in crypto outfit. Parties of famous couples, hold on – this is definitely the best and most complicated love story in recent years.