By Laura K. Inamedinova
October 26th, 2018

Halloween special: funniest and scariest crypto related decoration ideas

Halloween special: funniest and scariest crypto related decoration ideas

By Laura K. Inamedinova
October 26th, 2018

Yes, it’s that time of the year: the end of October is coming soon and we surely cannot refrain from indulging in all that Halloween jazz. Theme parties are happening everywhere from offices to studio flats, and suitable decorations can add much additional charm to them. The ability to create an exciting and slightly scary atmosphere is important to the overall success!

Also, it is not that hard to present something not so casual for both ICO enthusiasts and remaining normie friends (who are secretly scrolling crypto news, we know). Crypto related decorations can definitely bring a feeling of aesthetics and put a smile on many faces. One may doubt if they are easily made from materials found in local shops. We are more than happy to ensure that logistics is not a problem there. A bit of fantasy combined with our tips below will give birth to an excellent result and positive impressions of your guests!

1. Logos of cryptocurrencies everywhere.

Most of them have a touch of professional and creative graphic designers. This means that these logos will look nice basically in any selected place. A photo wall decorated with orange B’s or black E’s can become not only a beautiful decoration, but also a location where your guests will start networking while taking pictures. Who knows – maybe it could become a perfect kickstart for a new successful crypto project invented by creatives and crypto geeks?

Crypto and party food? Absolutely possible! Another advantage of logos suggests that their universality allows them to be transferred even to various snacks. There is a huge chance that traditional cupcakes will be even nicer with additional crypto-decorated frosting (our suggestion: chocolate stencils of Dogecoin on top of vanilla cream – yum!)… We cannot forget the booze – rhombus-shaped Ether shots will definitely bring your guests back to November 2017 (make sure the aftermaths are less painful).

2. Crypto memes

Memes may be stigmatized and attached to the shelf of less serious stuff in business, but one should admit everyone loves them. This witty form of reaction towards main events in the world encourages discussions and laughter – these are definitely the main features of a good party. Why not to involve them in the list of your Halloween decorations? Fun and games would be guaranteed, for sure.

It is not difficult to get memes as a nice detail in the room. Honestly, even the simplest set of posters from 9GAG or Reddit would look amazing and eye-catching. Another nice idea of meme-related decoration may be enriched with some interactivity: your guests could connect to any digital device and print out a desired text on a template. This could serve not only as a decoration, but also as a lovely memory from the best Halloween party this year!

(Relatively relatable. Serves as a poster. Source:

3. New cryptocurrencies related to traditional Halloween decorations

The world of crypto has seen a lot of unusual ideas of digital currencies – starting with politicians and finishing with recreational drugs, ICOs have covered the weirdest and least expected areas. In some sense, the Halloween party may also transfer crypto to another level. Creepy yet stunning lights of BitPumpkin? Fantastic statues of OwlCoins? Not mainstream at all. As we have already mentioned – originality is the key.

However, fun decorative stuff can be made without fancy names and using an old lovely element of games. First of all, special designated ‘cryptocurrency’ for the party can be created. Later, tokens are given to the guests. Apart from food, drinks and entertainment, they can acquire stunning Halloween decorations for upcoming parties or even next year. We love sustainability and you should try it as well!

(Crypto decoration inspiration for pumpkins, source:

4. Turn your space into a mining farm

This is a more hardcore one… but such a crazy idea is fully possible to realize! Some precise work with plastics and metal will give more genuine environment, yet decorated wallpapers can be a good option too. We are aware that this one may require much more time and input than the rest of ideas above, but the impression your ‘mining farm’ will make is definitely worth attention.

Who could refuse spending the scariest night of the year in such a thrilling and dark environment? Don’t forget to select appropriate tunes for the party – techno sounds will suit the atmosphere of cold mining farm perfectly.

Bonus points: organizing the party in an abandoned building. Metallic details will look amazing there! Just make sure all health and safety requirements are fulfilled and your guests feel alright.