July 19th, 2018

Interview: Crypto Rally Crew


Interview: Crypto Rally Crew

July 19th, 2018


Crypto Rally will be held for the first time in Vilnius, Lithuania, July 20-22, in the nearest future – in Dubai, Miami and Slovenia. It’s a pretty unusual idea to give steering wheels to crypto experts, entrepreneurs and blockchain leaders, they will drive posh cars. The whole world is rushing into the “4th Industrial Revolution” at high speed, but how at that high speed honorable crypto people will discuss blockchain, AI etc issues? Future Times gassed up its race car to join the rally. But first, who runs this scuderia?

One of the Crypto Rally’s engines Agne Kazakauskaite worked briefly at the Lehman Brothers, at the University of Nicosia she was a lucky one to be a student of Andreas Antonopolous (the author of multiple best-selling and reader-acclaimed books “Mastering Bitcoin”, “The Internet of Money” and upcoming by the end of this year “Mastering Ethereum”).

Agne personally came across blockchain when she was trying to solve a problem for a shipping client, and realized how many intermediaries there are in international trade. “One day, a report about blockchain – a distributed system that enables peer to peer communication and transactions, landed in my inbox, and my life changed afterward as I realized how revolutionary this is”, – says Agne, now President of Vilnius Blockchain Association.

Tomorrow, Agne Kazakauskaite together with the co-founder of Crypto Rally, a Regent’s University London alumni Emile Delam will drop the start flag and go full throttle.

FT: Ok. Car races are always breathtaking. But what’s so special about the Crypto Rally event?

Agne: Crypto Rally is not a one-off event, rather, it is a movement and a platform created to showcase the developments of the 4th Industrial Revolution, such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, cryptocurrencies, smart cities and enhanced living in a fun and engaging way. The idea was born from my professional experience as I worked with a few Formula 1 teams in the past. Formula 1 is a unique combination of cutting-edge technology, innovation, marketing, and glamour, giving brands unprecedented global exposure. Crypto Rally aims to breathe life into blockchain and crypto, showing the development of front-running community innovations, the motivation behind it along with assessed values.

FT: What is your personal motivation for being involved in crypto?

Agne: We live in the time of the 4th Industrial Revolution where technology will dramatically change the way we live. I want to be at the forefront of the development; I believe the times approaching pose huge challenges to humanity and we need to work on our dreams and values. Cryptocurrencies are just a part of the huge novelties ecosystem that is coming our way. Blockchain and crypto, will not operate alone, the systems will be accompanied by the artificial intelligence, the internet of things, making two plus two equal more than five.

Emile: I love Crypto Rally and it’s move as we connect great minds and people from across the World with a variety of backgrounds and industries. They all have a chance to represent themselves in a fun and engaging way.

FT: Who are the main pilots of Crypto Rally?

Emile: I respect plenty of thought leaders in the industry and look up for those whose lifestyle I would love to lead. I admire people making an impact for the society in a meaningful way. We are very proud to present our early supporters, the Pillar project and the men David Siegel, Robert Gaskell and Tomer Sofinzon. This week, the Pillaristas have gathered in Lithuania for a week-long Unconference. Crypto Rally will be visiting the Pillar Unconference on Saturday, 21st of July. We are also very proud and thankful for our Special Advisers – Bill Tai and Monisha Kaltenborn*! 

(* Read FUTURE TIMES interview with Monisha Kaltenborn, former Sauber Formula One team’s boss and now KDC Racing Formula 4 team manager – FT).

FT: What is the main message Crypto Rally brings?

Agne: Crypto Rally is a movement and a platform to present blockchain, crypto development, communities behind them and their leaders. The main message of the Rally is Embrace Innovation!

FT: What problem does your event solve?

Agne: Cryptocurrencies and blockchain are still just a magic buzzwords for some, and for the others – crypto is associated with ICOs or Bitcoin… However, there is much more to that. Crypto Rally aims to explain these novel developments in a fun, engaging and understandable way. One has to have a targeted interest to go to a blockchain conference, and thereafter, willingness and patience to watch a Powerpoint presentation 🙂 Crypto Rally brings crypto closer to people and connects the community.

That’s it. Girls had no more blah-blah-time, they got into an agile and powerful Mercedes Benz C63AMG and went really fast to 200 MPH (or 481 according to rate ETH/USD) Crypto Club.

So, fasten your seat belt and follow FUTURE TIMES Live from Crypto Rally.