June 3rd, 2018

Social media marketing for cryptocurrency projects

Social media marketing for cryptocurrency projects

June 3rd, 2018

There is no doubt that cryptocurrency projects are generally associated with the generation of the Internet, therefore, with various channels of social media.

Living in the era when this particular tool is a cheap and effective way to advertise probably anything, marketers of crypto projects should really consider this opportunity in order to successfully promote their products. However, despite the convenience of social media, many crypto advertisers tend not to take the advantage of it. In order to avoid this struggle, it is quite beneficial to know several rules.


Identify your focus audience. Yes, social media channels are basically catch-all platforms. Nevertheless, it does not mean that the content posted there has to cover the needs and interests of absolutely everyone. In other words, do not be afraid to choose quality over quantity. Honest and precise posts, created while taking a particular group of people and their interests into account will definitely bring more attention than generic content without any certain message and goals.

The best way to find out the audience is to think about the function of a project or a product. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Who would use the service?
  • Which social groups of people would be interested?
  • Why is this service disruptive?

The answers to these questions can really help in identifying the target group as well as to get the inspiration for the potential content and message.

Minimalism and variety are the keys. In this rushing world, no one wants to read enormous blocks of texts while scrolling their social media accounts, designed for leisure rather than for working or studying. Therefore, avoid posting long texts containing quite fancy language. The audience in the social media really loves people who are accurate and straightforward.  Of course, it does not indicate that details or elaboration are not required: the general rule is refrain from writing a novel for an ordinary statement. Moreover if your project is really technical, try to avoid using hard to understand words and don’t forget KISS (Keep it short & simple).

Does that mean that all social media channels risk to be dull? Not at all. Different formats of content can be considered as a winning strategy: do not hesitate to include photos, videos or podcasts. Also, the function of live broadcasts is worth to be mentioned separately. It will create a closer relationship between the team behind and potential customers or investors. To sum up, there is nothing wrong with taking a risk and trying out different approaches in order to know the preferences of the audience.


Being ignorant. It is pretty easy to forget things, especially in the projects which requires a lot of attention towards the smallest details and building everything from zero. However, the essential rule of any business says that the customer is always right. And they will be definitely upset if treated roughly via social media. Unanswered messages, rude manner while communicating and hesitation to sort out any issues really count towards the lack of confidence amongst clients and investors.

It is not complicated to avoid this unpleasant experience. A person who could be responsible for client service and social media is absolutely a must in any great team. It is important to invest some time and money into hiring one, as this step will certainly pay off in the meantime. Excellent discourse and communication should not be underrated!

Overusing social media. As mentioned previously, the idea of quality over quantity is essential in crypto marketing and advertising. It does also apply to the number of social media platforms the project is using as well. There is no need to have millions of accounts in the platforms which are not related to the project at all. For example, why does a blockchain-based product of IT services need to have its Instagram or Pinterest profiles? Leave it to the projects which focuses on a more visual approach. No broadcasting? It means that the time spent on YouTube will be worthless – put the effort in any other relevant platform. Finally, loads of spam in all possible social media channels neither attracts any permanent audience nor provides a positive public opinion about the project.
The general rule is to use Facebook for more informal content which can vary from visual (photos or videos) to written (original posts, descriptions, reposts of other sources…). Twitter is an inevitably great thing for short statements and live discussions with other users (additionally, a perfect place to find famous endorsers quickly and easily!). Finally, LinkedIn is a must for every reputable business nowadays. Obviously, it requires more formal style than other platforms in order to achieve the best results in networking and collaborating with partners.

Social media does not only require less money and time than mainstream methods of marketing, but also can be a really organic and fascinating way of communication. All in all, brave and original approach along with following the mentioned rules will bring amazing results.