By Valeria Grekova
August 14th, 2018

Study crypto: TOP 7 online and offline courses to learn about blockchain and cryptocurrency

Study crypto: TOP 7 online and offline courses to learn about blockchain and cryptocurrency

By Valeria Grekova
August 14th, 2018

Crypto industry is expanding creating a growing demand for qualified specialists. Those who do not have extensive experience may start to look into courses – either online lectures or university programs, depending on their resources and needs.

So, here is an overview of educational opportunities you may choose from.

Online courses

If you cannot attend lectures and seminars, work full time and prefer to study in the comfort of your own home – these cryptocurrency online courses are for you.

Blockchain Initiative, University of Nicosia

The course is taught first-hand by crypto experts Andreas Antonopoulos and Antonis Polemitis. They explain pivotal ideas and give a wide yet profound overview of financial and legal aspects of crypto (along with why do we need it in the first place). It is free, and the registration for the fall session is open.

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency technologies, Coursera

Lectures cover basic tech concepts and general ideas that one needs to know when entering this industry. It is mainly dedicated to bitcoin, but includes info on altcoins, regulations, decentralization and more.

The course is created by Princeton University and has decent reviews (4.7 out of 5). It can appear slightly outdated, but it’s still a good introduction. Right now it is available for free and provides no certificate.

Cryptography I

If you like Coursera but want a document – this program might be for you. Certificate costs 79$ (if you do not need one, enroll for free).

Created by Stanford University, this class is dedicated to cryptography. Students are taught about the functions of cryptographic systems, how to use them in real applications correctly and analyze the protocol errors. Not exactly “how-to-get-rich-with-bitcoin”, but still extremely useful.

Blockchain: understanding its uses and implications, edX

It is a full overview of blockchain in business, banking, governance and many other fields. It is taught by several experts and includes use cases. You can complete this blockchain course for free, or purchase a certificate (99$) to attach to your CV.

Blockchain for Developers, IBM

This concise program is compiled for developers who want to know more about blockchain but have never dealt with it. It covers blockchain implementation in business and includes a lab demo of assets transfer to several people/roles across a network.


Throughout the world, students and professors are responding to a skyrocketing demand for  cryptocurrencies and DLT education.

These courses are for the most part local initiatives coming from students or certain professors. We have selected one of these initiatives and one full-on master degree course.

Duke University, USA

A high-ranked American Duke University offers its students a free “Blockchain and Innovation” course managed by a selected group of students and professors in the Duke Blockchain Lab. They hold regular lectures, meetings and colloquies touching on both blockchain and virtual currencies.

University of Nicosia, Cyprus

Have you ever wanted to move to a sunny island? Well, now you can combine this dream with getting a degree in crypto. It is the first university to offer a full, 3-semester graduate degree program on virtual currencies with many classes to choose from. By the way, they accept tuition payments in BTC.

These are not the only places you can be educated on cryptocurrencies: some blockchain-related disciplines were adopted by George Mason University (USA), University of Stirling (UK), MSU (Russia) and many others.

Look up the reviews before choosing a program and gain academic knowledge together with practical experience.