By Laura K. Inamedinova
August 6th, 2018

TOP 5 strangest ideas for cryptocurrencies

TOP 5 strangest ideas for cryptocurrencies

By Laura K. Inamedinova
August 6th, 2018

One of the most distinctive and exciting things about all this crypto mania is definitely the variety. Elaborating on this point, under the umbrella of ICO projects we might have seen tons of the craziest and least expected conceptions.

Of course, it can be seen as a relatively good marketing strategy – the unusual idea will be definitely discussed not only by ordinary people who may see the advertisement online, but also by influential media channels and competent experts of this field. All in all, many would claim that the reach and visibility in the ICO race nowadays should be seen as a pure advantage. Some examples of not-so-ordinary ICOs in real life can prove or deny this point.

  1. Marijuana cryptocurrency

Just over a month ago, the former basketball player Dennis Rodman surprised the world not only with the appearance in the highly political US-North Korea summit in Singapore, but also with the sponsorship selected for this exceptional occasion. Having brand partnerships in the past, as, for example, Paddy Power in 2013, this time the trip of this controversial basketball star was promoted by the ICO project Potcoin.

Launched in 2014, Potcoin seeks to be one of the main forms of payment in the industry of legalized cannabis. This product is originated from the United States, where cannabis is still forbidden to use in most states; however, some states have legalized it. Here comes another problem: as bank payments are regulated by federal laws, they cannot be completed while selling or buying marijuana. In order to ensure the chance to have the e-payment system, Potcoin was created as a potential alternative.

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(Dennis Rodman in PotCoin T-Shirt, source: Business Insider)

  1. Dogecoin

Even though the popularity of Dogecoin can be attached to the first wave of crypto mania occurring several years ago, its existence is still important when it comes to the development of cryptocurrencies. In other words, Dogecoin is definitely a pioneer of the strangest crypto ideas which are still relevant in this field.

The story of Dogecoin began in 2013, when the meme of DOGE was extremely popular on the Internet. At the same time, cryptocurrencies took their first steps of popularity and visibility. As a result, the online community started to suggest and support the idea of the cryptocurrency named after the internet joke. Eventually, an Australian guy named Jackson Palmer created it and changed the scene of crypto. All in all, although the history of it might seem more humorous than inspiring, Dogecoin became quite popular exactly because of a ‘lighter’ approach which made it distinctive and attractive amongst other rival cryptocurrencies.

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(Increase of DogeCoin price in 2014, source: CCN)

  1. TrumpCoin (and other cryptocurrencies based on political leaders)

A few years ago, the idea of Donald Trump as the President of the United States seemed surreal and even hilarious. The sequence of further events made this conception more than real. Love it or loathe it, Trump has become a huge phenomenon and made history – the popularity of this figure is reflected not only in politics, but also in other spheres including the world of crypto.

TrumpCoin was created even before the election in 2016 – in some sense, it supported the campaign of Donald Trump. According to the creators of TrumpCoin, this cryptocurrency is designed to ensure the prosperity for American people as well as support Trump Patriots across the world.

It is also worth to mention, that TrumpCoin is not the only cryptocurrency based on global political figures. In fact, PutinCoin, ‘created to pay tribute to the people and the president of one of the largest and greatest country in the world’, even managed to overcome its American rival.

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(The logo of TrumpCoin is a pure allusion to the iconic haircut of the POTUS. Source: CoinMarketCap)

  1. Whoppercoin

As already seen before, Russia is famous of not only being especially crypto-savvy country, but also providing the most unusual ideas for their crypto projects. Talking more exactly, the Russian branch of the iconic fast-food chain Burger King has released their own cryptocurrency.

The investment in Whoppercoin looks pretty simple: the customers of Burger King in Russia have a chance to get one digital token for each ruble spent on food or drinks in this fast-food restaurant. In other words, the scheme of Whoppercoin is somehow similar to mainstream loyalty programmes. As common for most ICOs, every person owning a certain number of tokens can get a part of the developed product. In case of Whoppercoin, it is a free burger.

As WhopperCoin is a relatively new cryptocurrency released in the end of last summer, it is not clear what the outcome of the deal is. The latest news informed of a marginal decrease in the value of this coin.

(The coverage of Whoppercoin in Twitter, source:

  1. Coinye West

The product of early 2010s, Coinye West was a cryptocurrency named after a famous music star Kanye West. Despite the eccentric name, the primary idea of this project was to make cryptocurrencies available for people without any background in programming. However, the visuals of Coinye West were pure extravaganza, as they pictured the head of Kanye West attached to the body of fish.

Obviously, the big name in the music industry was not extremely fascinated by the idea of cryptogeeks. Within less than a year from its release, Kanye West sued the creators of new cryptocurrency, motivating this step with the breach of copyrights. The case was won, and eventually the prominence of Coinye West steadily decreased. There were some attempts to save this cryptocurrency by renaming it, but this step was not successful and currently Coinye West is not minable or tradable.

(This logo definitely made Kanye unhappy. Source: Billboard)