8 months ago

The international network of coffee houses Starbucks explained that it will not take bitcoin or other cryptocurrency at its points of sale, contrary to media assumptions.

On Friday, the operator of Intercontinental Exchange announced its plans to create a new “global platform and ecosystem of digital assets”, which is being launched by companies such as Starbucks, BCG and Microsoft. Following this, several popular media released articles, including “The new Starbucks agreement and Microsoft will allow customers to pay for Frappuchino using bitcoins”

A spokeswoman for the company in a conversation with Motherboard explained that “customers will not be able to pay for frappuchino using bitcoins,” but the company is participating in a project that will enable them to “convert digital assets such as bitcoin into US dollars and pay them to Starbucks.” In the future, this decision can be revised.

Recently, the head of the company Howard Schultz said that unlike the representatives of the technological and financial industries, Starbucks is not interested in creating its own cryptocurrency, since it does not consider it expedient and effective. However, the company has included the issue of supporting digital currencies in its long-term strategy.