9 months ago

A resource positioned as a “community-supported” fork of the well-known site has been officially launched.

The author of a variety of documentation and one of the early supporters of bitcoin David Harding, who also made his “small contribution” to the work on the new site, notes that lacks any advertising and third-party trackers.

The developers say that despite the fact that still remains an excellent resource, recent events are damaging to its neutrality and that there is a high risk that its owners and administrators can tap the resource for other purposes.

In addition, according to the blog, over the past few years, the owners and administrators of have taken unilateral actions that were contrary to the wishes of the community. These actions also forced a number of people to leave the project.

Like, the new resource has a fully open code, and those who want to read it or contribute can do that on the project page on GitHub.