4 months ago

Trezor hardware wallet developers have released new versions of Model T (2.0.9) and Trezor One (1.7.1) software. It is noted that many changes have been implemented by third-party developers from the user community.

Trezor Model T now supports Monero, Cardano, Stellar, Ripple, Tezos, Decred, Groestlcoin, Lisk, Zencash, as well as Sapling hardfork of Zcash.

Trezor One is among the list of wallets supporting WebUSB protocol, which frees Trezor Wallet and Trezor password manager users from the need to use Trezor Bridge software for interaction with Google Chrome. Apart from that, Trezor One added support of Lisk and Stellar and Zcash Sapling hardfork, which is rare among hardware wallets.

Earlier, developers of Ledger Nano S added support of Lisk, Factom, MIX Blockchain, Musicoin, GameCredits and EtherGem.