9 months ago

Apple has forced to remove the link to the crypto-collector game War Riders from the application Coinbase Wallet.

At the disposal of the publication were screenshots of the correspondence of a Coinbase employee with the company-developer of the game Carfield in the Discord service.

Also representatives of the exchange stressed that War Riders was the only application selling NFT in their wallet.

Victor Radchenko, CEO of Trust Wallet, had complained about Apple’s policy and threats to remove the application.

It is noteworthy that Apple’s recommendations for creating applications do not directly prohibit the use of NFT. As stated by Radchenko, the company prohibits non-exchangeable tokens based on the rules of “In-app purchases”.

The possibility of buying NFT in the application Coinbase Wallet appeared on Monday, August 27. Users not only could find the game by name, but also buy NFT, and such a token would be displayed in the purse. However, already on Tuesday night War Riders disappeared from Coinbase Wallet.