7 months ago

According to Trend News Agency, Azerbaijan plans to implement blockchain-based solutions to its system of justice, in concrete, to housing and utilities sector. This announcement was made by Osman Gunduz, the Chairman of the Azerbaijani Internet Forum (AMF).


Right now the justice agency has more than 30 electronic services with about 15 registries and informational systems that can be improved by distributed ledger technology and smart contracts.

The planned project entitled as “Mobile notary office”, which provides for the accumulation of all notarial documents in one case, has seemed interesting.

Osman Gunduz

The notarization of electronic documents is also one of the core issue of the forthcoming technological changes. Gunduz underlines that in future smart contracts will be applicable for the water, gas and electricity supply to make all the transactions and already existing information more transparent and insensitive to any kind of falsifications.

The citizens themselves will be able to independently control all these processes.

Osman Gunduz

During his speech, the Chairman also mentions the “electronic courts” being developed for almost five years are however used in only a few judicial areas and e-government needs to be better supported for its efficient functioning in future.

Informational and judicial systems are not the ones to be in contact with blockchain in Azerbaijan. As it also comes from Trend News Agency, IBM and the Central Bank of Azerbaijan will work together linked by blockchain-based technology.


The first direction corresponds to the plans for digital transformation. This initiative will be implemented within a five-year plan, which aims to meet the requirements and needs of the country’s economy and banking sector.

Farid Osmanov, director of the Information Technology Department of the CBA

Nevertheless, the following information wasn’t confirmed by the IBM representatives, who have already had an experience of cooperation with governmental structures. According to Bloomberg, $740 million deal to supply data security to Australia was signed with the national government in July this year.