10 months ago

Changpeng Zhao, who is CEO of one of the biggest crypto exchanges – Binance, responded to Vitalik Buterin on Twitter:
“Let’s not wish others to “burn in hell”. Let’s have a bigger heart, and appreciate the fact that we are part of an eco-system..”

Earlier, Vitalik Buterin gave his opinion on the tendency of centralization claiming that centralized crypto exchanges should burn in hell.

According to Buterin, the concentration of capacities in the mining pools controlled by the Chinese giant creates a threat of a “51% attack” on the bitcoin network. He is also concerned about the excessive concentration of farms in crypto production in one country. He mentioned a flood in Sichuan province, which erased local bitcoin-farms from the face of the earth.

Vitalik Buterin also noted that he wants to make Ethereum as decentralized as possible.