8 months ago

Users of social networks have suspected manipulation of Bitfinex, the largest bitcoin stock exchange.

On Friday, August 31, the crypto-exchange issued a series of tweets about the forced suspension of trade due to technical problems.

Soon a tweet was published stating that the main server with the exchange engine of the exchange was restarted by the hosting provider without prior notification and that the process of returning to normal operation will take at least 30 minutes.

After that, Bitfinex published on its blog post, which says that in total the simple lasted about an hour. Representatives of the site assured the users that all funds are safe and the situation is under control.

Also, Bitfinex stressed that all transactions are recorded and will be executed in the order of the queue.

Many users of social networks were alarmed by the fact that the technical failure coincided in time with the expiration date of bitcoin futures on the CME exchange.

The user under the name DiversifyCrypto suggested that the hosting provider can be somehow related to the CME:

Some noted that in this way Bitfinex promotes the strategy of Buy & Hold.