8 months ago

A Chinese currency exchange Bitfinex has reported that its new decentralized trading platform on blockchain EOS.IO. will be launched in the coming months.

Bitfinex, sixth in the list of the largest crypto-banks in terms of daily trading, promises users of its new p2p-exchange transparent and fast trading operations. Work on the creation of a platform, called EOSfinex, the company announced earlier this year.

Eosfinex is based on EOS.IO., a blockchain system that allows the horizontal scaling of decentralized applications and provides thousands of transactions per second. The creators especially emphasize three basic principles of the new platform: decentralization, trust and high productivity.

Currently the number of decentralized crypto-exchanges is constantly increasing, due to the fact that they have a number of obvious advantages over centralized sites, the main one being that they allow users to retain control over their funds, which reduces to zero the risk associated with breaking or bankruptcy exchange.