7 months ago

BitFury Group and IT-cluster “Skolkovo” have signed an agreement about a strategic partnership, according to which Bitfury Group will open a blockchain development school in Skolkovo, announced the representative of BitFury Group.

BitFury experts will create an education programme for the startups of the IT-cluster with lectures and workshops for developers. Besides, Bitfury’s blockchain experts will make presentations for fund’s events and host hackathons for startups.

Technical specialists from BitFury will hold individual consultations with startups and open access to expert Bitfury content. They will also help “Skolkovo” residents to implement technologies of decentralized registries into their products using Exonum platform.

As part of the agreement, BitFury will support big “Skolkovo” events and also integrate blockchain technologies into the work of both “Skolkovo” innovation center and the fund itself.

As a matter of fact, Skolkovo is already working on the implementation of blockchain technology into its processes.

It became known in September that a test zone for driverless transport using 5G standard has been launched on the territory of the Skolkovo innovation center. “Rostelecom”, “NAMI” and “Skolkovo” are responsible for the development of the test site.