2 months ago

The blockchain-based company Bitfury presented a set of tools aimed at increasing adoption of the second-level Bitcoin network Lightning Network.

Despite the fact that the network is still under development, Bitfury decided to release a complete set of tools, including an open source lightning wallet, as well as hardware and software tools with which sellers and payment gateways can accept payments in cryptocurrencies. In addition, tools for developers and a public node in the Lightning network called The Peach, which will allow Bitcoin users to open and create payment channels were presented.

As representatives of Bitfury say, the main purpose of the toolkit is to simplify the experience of using the Lightning Network by sellers and consumers.

The new tools were developed by Lightning Peach, an internal BitFury group focused on the development of Lightning. Last Tuesday, the company also announced that it had integrated technology into the BTCBIT cryptocurrency exchange.

Recall, the second-level payment technology Lightning Network was launched early last year. It allows you to conduct almost instant transactions without having to store information about each transaction in blockchain.

Lightning Network reportedly “will help more people quickly and conveniently use bitcoins in their daily lives.”