7 months ago

According to Bloomberg, Microsoft and Nasdaq Inc. have entered into the following partnership. The Azure blockchain Microsoft services will be connected to Nasdaq’s Financial Network, a solution that provides software for traders, exchanges and clearinghouses to be coordinated and to operate with each other.


Through this partnership the communication between buyers and sellers is likely to become easier and different technologies will work more effectively together on the blockchain basis. Moreover, the delivery management and payments and settlements control will be simplified with the successful application of new collaboration. Azure will make operations in the Framework more safe and reliable, improving ecosystem middleware and customer technologies with the help of blockchain.


With multiple blockchains in use by various industry participants, we believe that the combination of NFF and Microsoft’s blockchain technology can remove some of the project complexities that exist in this realm.

Tom Fay, Senior Vice President of Enterprise Architecture, Nasdaq

Nasdaq’s Financial Framework will also provide its users possibility to use different blockchain via one interface. This feature will definitely facilitate lives of those who simultaneously work with multiple blockchains and it will probably solve the problem of scalability of blockchains operating the same time all together. Actually Nasdaq’s Market Technology maintains infrastructure in 50 countries with more than 100 exchanges, clearinghouses, and central securities depositories, being involved into the process.

Additionally, as more industries move towards capital markets technology and structures, we see the potential for blockchain to provide value in secure, frictionless and instantaneous matching of buyers and sellers.

Tom Fay, Senior Vice President of Enterprise Architecture, Nasdaq

If the partnership is a fortunate one, it will then make straightforward for other huge players on the market to use any applications, based on Nasdaq’s Financial Framework, adopting blockchain technologies without any specific skill and niche specialisation. Cooperation of two valuable companies also speeds up the acceptance process of new use cases for distributed ledger technology.