10 months ago

Changpeng Zhao or CZ, Binance CEO, has made a speech at Blockchain Partners Summit. He talkув about Binance, Korea and the future.

CZ claimed that it iы just a luck that Bincane growths so quickly. However. he is sure that the company products are almost the best in the industry and its has important value system. Binance’s mission is to reach out to the world – not only developed countries but less evolved places that have a potential to use blockchain. Binance wants to reach 1 billion users, currently it is slightly shy of 10 million.

South Korea market CZ considered as quite unique – with cryptocurrency awareness rate being at nearly 100%. According to CZ, any politician that doesn’t support crypto will find themselves out of the job eventually.

Changpeng Zhao believes that in the future decentralised crypto exchanges will overtake centralised ones. Binance has been working on a decentralised exchange, hoping to produce a prototype in a couple of months. Decentralised exchanges will be appearing gradually and will not replace centralised ones in the short run.