10 months ago

Crypto-wallet Citowise has added to its application the function of purchasing Bitcoin and Ethereum via debit and credit cards Visa, Mastercard and American Express. Developers plan to expand this functionality and add such coins as BCH, LTC, XRP, NEO, etc., according to the project’s team.

At the moment users can buy crypto after passing the verification which is provided by Citowise’s partner, the Estonian company Transcoin. Monthly limits on the bank card for Citowise users are set at around 32 thousand euros. Citowise also supports the purchase of cryptocurrency through the transfer of SEPA, where the limit is set at 200 thousand euros per month or 40 thousand euros per day.

According to the Citowise team, such a function will make the purchase of cryptocurrencies easy and safe. The team has taken other steps to achieve this goal. For example, private keys are stored in the application only on the user’s side.