6 months ago

On November 11th Reddit user AUTI9003 published a screenshot from which it is clear that an arbiter of EOS network has canceled transactions which have already been confirmed.

In the so-called EOS constitution, there is a provided arbitrage when there are conflicts between users. In the context of the current situation applicant has explained that some uncharted users have stolen his private keys through fishing. Ben Gates performed as an arbiter administrated by Moti Tabulo.

“Under the powers afforded to me as arbitrator under Article 6 of the Rules of Dispute Resolution, I, Bean Gates, rule that the EOS account in dispute should be returned to the claimant with immediate effect and that the freeze over the assets within said account is removed”,

says the arbitrage ruling

Previously, Whiteblock, auditor of the of the decentralized networks, reported that block creators in EOS network can change data in the decentralized network.

During an interview on the youtube channel, Colin talks Crypto the creator of the EOS protocol Dan Larrimer claimed that “decentralization is not our goal”. He told that against all odds EOS blockchain is more decentralized than Bitcoin and Ethereum since 11 pools are required for 50% control of the EOS network, whereas for Bitcoin – 4, and for Ethereum – 3.

Recently CarbonUSD stable coin developers have announced their transition to EOS blockchain.