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According to Nzherald, the Federal Bureau of Investigation has shared information about 130 cases related to cryptocurrencies and connected with different types of wrongdoing, from human trafficking to hacker ransomware attacks early in the summer. The United States Department of Justice reported on 26th June about nearly 2000 Bitcoins with approximate “value of more than $20 million” being seized. Many, even mostly all the cases are linked to the Darknet activity, nevertheless, the police expectations are rather positive and likely to predict decrease in this market.

Criminals who think that they are safe on the Darknet are wrong. We can expose their networks, and we are determined to bring them to justice.

Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein, press release of the US Department of Justice

At least, one person has already been defeated in May 2015. So, a few words about Ross Ulbricht, the Godfather and founder of Silk Road, a free anonymous market in the Darknet, that was the first one to use bitcoin as internal currency.


We’ve won the State’s War on Drugs because of Bitcoin. We’re talking about the potential for a monumental shift in the power structure of the world. The people now can control the flow and distribution of information and the flow of money. Sector by sector the State is being cut out of the equation and power is being returned to the individual.

Ross Ulbricht in the interview to Forbes about Bitcoin as one of the main advantages of the Silk Road platform

On the Silk Road web-page Ross had a position of the chief administrator with “Dread Pirate Roberts” pseudonym.

He was arrested on 1st October in 2013 and charged with offences relating to computer hacking, drug sales and money-laundering. According to FBI theory, Ross Ulbricht also ordered and paid for six murders of the platform’s users that he suspected of theft and blackmail. Nevertheless, no murder assertions were included into his indictment, whereas the evidence was factored into sentence of the accused. It later emerged that only one murder was brought to life, other five have never happened.

Ross Ulbricht got a life sentence as punishment and his lawyers have tried to appeal against the judgement, but all their attempts were then declined to consider.

But it doesn’t mean that Ulbricht no longer speaks up for himself. So here it is the first appeal of the Silk Road founder made through Twitter.

On the there is another evidence of the real Ross Ulbricht calling upon the society. That is a copy of the note written by him personally.

Particular attention should be given to the clemency petition proposed for the signing on the following webpage The petition was written by Ross Ulricht’s mother, she claims that her son’s trial wasn’t fair and Ross had only created a platform similar to eBay and he wasn’t responsible for those illegal items that had been traded on it. For now this request to President of United States was signed by more than 80,000 people.

This unequivocal at first sight story, however, has caused a big commotion in the society. Some people even consider Ulricht doesn’t deserve such punishment for his desire to create a free market competing with eBay. It is even possible that cryptocurrencies wouldn’t have been now in use if this use case didn’t take place.

In this situation Bitcoin was only a measure of payment, as well as any other currency could be in its place and could be connected to unlawful operations.