7 months ago

An old castle burned down in the town of Trutnov, in the Hradec Králové region of the Czech Republic. It was owned by Sergei Mayzus, a Russian entrepreneur, well-known among the participants in the over-the-counter Forex and crypto industry.

According to the cadastre, the company Sagna, owned by a citizen of the Russian Federation Sergey Mayzus, is the owner of the castle. The fire was awarded a third degree of complexity. According to the police, at present two main versions are considered: a technical malfunction that led to a fire, and deliberate arson.

In the summer of last year, a part of the clients of the notorious crypto-exchange BTC-e merged into a community in social networks and accused of involvement in the closure of some industry participants. They listed the names and corporate addresses of two people who they claim are related to BTC-E – Aleksey Demidov and Sergey Mayzus, the founder of Mayzus company (owns OKPAY and MoneyPolo). Sergei denied his involvement.