8 months ago

In America the shooting of the film Happy Worker, initiated by the blockсhain-platform for the entertainment content of SingularDTV, has started. The director of the picture is Dwayne Danem, the executive producer is David Lynch.

After the festival premiere and the big screen in the US, the film will be available on the SingularDTV blockchain-related platform.

The plot of the film is based on the production of Feinberg, which was first staged at the Kentucky Theater. The main character of the film Joe lives in a utopian universe where time seemed to have stopped. Joe tries to please his wife and his boss, asking fundamental philosophical questions: “What are we doing with our lives? Why?”

Blockchain technology can bring transparency to the film industry – no third parties can make changes to data on copyright, royalties and shows. The SingularDTV platform is built on Etherium and allows filmmakers to raise funds, develop projects and distribute films.