8 months ago

The Ministry of Strategic Development (MSD) has been set in the Decenturion State, the world’s first state that utilizes decentralized technologies in the law-making, economy, and social sphere. MSD will be in charge of creating, testing and executing new business strategies, as well as improving the ideas of other ministries to demonstrate the world a model of public administration based on decentralized technologies.

The new authority will be headed by Nikolay Evdokimov, who now combines the management of the Ministry of Strategic Development and the Ministry of Information of the State.

The first task to handle was to fix the problem of one of the native state’s currencies – DCNT Classic and enable the steady increase of its rates. To tackle the problem the new model for the token was developed. New pricing algorithm is based on limiting the minimum sale price of those tokens. DCNT Classic sellers can no longer set the price lower than the minimum rates established by the system. As reported the Ministry Initial testing the new token-model led to an increase of DCNT Classic rate on the internal market, which progressed up to $10 and continues to increase, verifying the effectiveness of the chosen strategy.

A current number of citizens in October 2018 exceeds 280 thousand. It is expected that it will grow to 1,8 million by 2019.

At the moment, Decenturion is in the process of obtaining a territory that will enable it to receive the status of an independent state and following the regulations, to join the United Nations. It also keeps working on putting decentralized state economy idea into action by attracting more and more technology start-ups to launch their tokens in Decenturion.

The latest three projects distributed their tokens amongst Decenturion citizens were DMCS tokens issued by IDMCOSAS, which created an international decentralized multi-currency platform for e-commerce, IDCS tokens distributed by IDCS, working on interactive dental communications tool and LDXD tokens issued by a start-up called Leadrex, developing an innovative decentralized lead generation platform.