11 months ago

For EOS users, the launch of the project’s main net has been kind of ambiguous. Although it’s a great breakthrough for the company altogether, the launch was spoiled by arguments, lag and obstacles. It is predictable things are not going as planned in the beginning, albeit it looks like there will be some improvements in the future.

The other day EOS blockchain ran into an unexpected problem. Due to the flaws in the system EOS had to stop all operations till releasing a fix. The clients were dissatisfied with that decision.

This “executive decision” by the top 21 block producers made the extremely centralized nature of EOS come up much earlier that expected. Some private keys might have been exposed, and the most rational way to act was to make sure funds could not be moved around.

A governed blockchain is really exclusive, although there are some notable defects. For EOS, it is the first successful test, however, completely ceasing the network is something many people are against of.

It will be interesting to see how the community reacts to these changes. It is evident that troubles are happening every day, and EOS New York team can not perfectly address all of them. The main priority for now is to develop a new mechanism to have token holders vote on a course of action. Until then, the company will not take any measures as long as the network itself is in safety.