12 months ago

Over the past few weeks, the volume of trading on the stock markets has shown growth in sales in various markets, and last week the global volume reached $75 million.

Last week, the Canadian and European markets have set a new record by showing anomalous surges in trading activity. The Canadian peer-to-peer (P2P) markets set a new record for trade volume the third time in three weeks – with almost $8 million CAD worth of bitcoin exchanging hands.

The weekly global trading volume on Localbitcoins has bounced to $75 million (8,586 BTC), following spikes in volume across several markets during the week of the 31st of March.

EUR/BTC trading on Localbitcoins smashed it’s prior volume record of approximately $9 million EUR, with nearly $11.5 million EUR worth of BTC changing hands this week. The trade volume of 1,617 BTC is so far the largest amount of bitcoin exchanged in a single week in the EUR/BTC markets since March 2016.

Also the surges and increasing numbers can be seen in trades between the Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) and bitcoin and Mexican Peso and BTC.