8 months ago

An American venture company Ribbit Capital, whose portfolio includes cryptocurrency assets and blockchain-related projects plans to raise $420 million in the last investment round.

Established in 2012, Ribbit Capital is renowned for its cooperation with industry leaders such as the Coinbase exchange, the Robinhood trading platform, the financial company Credit Karma and the Root Insurance automobile insurance platform.

Ribbit Capital also invested in the projects of Andreessen Horowitz, Battery Ventures and Cross River Bank, which, according to TechCrunch, is the “single thread” linking many financial companies and financial regulators.

In April, under the leadership of Ribbit Capital, as well as DST Global and Index Ventures, the British fintech startup with Russian roots, Revolut, was able to raise $ 250 million in the investment round of the C series. Thanks to these investments, the company is now estimated at $1.7 billion and is the only startup is more than 1 billion dollars.

In February, Robinhood began offering digital currency trading services, raising $363 million in the D-series investment round and $110 million in round C. After that, Robinhood is valued at $5.6 billion, making it the second-largest start-up fiinte company in the United States .