6 months ago

An employee of the federal state security agencies of France was arrested last week on charges of selling intelligence on the darknet for bitcoins, local media reported it on Friday.

Last week, on Wednesday, an unnamed agent of the Directorate General of Internal Security of France (DGSI) was convicted in a criminal case on the sale of strategically important information and falsification of administrative documents.

According to the report, the agent worked with members of an organized criminal group, as well as economic specialists. However, it appears that the suspect did not cooperate with any terrorist groups.

According to the press service, employees of the Central Judicial Police Department were the first to discover a leak. DGSI members then used the agent’s personal code to track its online activities. Thus, the Agency’s internal security service during the investigation traced the “origin of file requests” and recorded the fact that important information was sold for cryptocurrency.

It is not clear how much information was sold or how many bitcoins the agent was able to earn. In any case, now he has 7 years in prison and a fine of 100,000 euros.