9 months ago

The new ICOVO app implements DAICOVO – a smart contract which protects investors in a decentralized way.

In January 2018, Vitalik Buterin suggested the DAICO concept, on which DAICOVO smart contract is based on. DAICO allows to prevent fraud by project founders and keeps them motivated with the tap mechanism for funds. Taking into account that it is focused on safeguarding investors, it lays the founders’ “honesty” in the center of attention, which leads to bigger ICO success.

One of the issues related to DAICO is its complexity. Only blockchain engineers manage to properly use the main features of that concept. Due to that, the ICO market faces a number of problems.

The new ICOVO app based on DAICOVO smart contract has an easy-to-use interface, which allows to use main features of DAICO without any high tech literacy. Therefore, it ensures safety for investors and provides transparency on the market, which leads to better results.