8 months ago

Residents of the elite district of Washington began to receive threats to reveal “terrible family secrets” to their spouses, if they do not pay a ransom in the BTC. However, most of the victims were bachelors, so they immediately contacted the police.

Law enforcement authorities noted that attackers addressed their potential victims only by mail.

For example, a resident of the area Jeffrey Strohl received a message from someone “GreySquare15”. The criminal demanded a “ransom for silence” in the amount of $15,750 in digital currency. Having recovered from the shock, the American decided that he was clearly a fraud and published a warning on the board of the local community. Similar cases were then reported to other residents of the district.

Analysts believe that the number of cases of cryptocurrency fraud is increasing day by day. In the first two months of this year, scammers stole about 850 million dollars. This means that if the situation develops in this way, by the end of 2018 criminals will beat the records of previous years.