9 months ago

Irish government agency of foreign investment (IDA) will launch an online platform to attract international blockchain projects and facilitate their cooperation.

According to The Irish Times, among other initiators of the project are the Irish Finance Ministry, the state agency Enterprise Ireland, and Consensys (its founder Joe Lubin is one of the Ethereum creators). It also recently became known that Consensys will open a new innovation center in Dublin.

We see a serious potential in blockchain and a great interest in it from the IDA client base. The new initiative will contribute to the development of this industry in Ireland and will strengthen our position as a global blockchain center,” says the State body’s chief information officer Keith Fingleton.

The climat for blockchain projects seems to be favorable in Ireland: a number of Ireland-based companies including Circle, AidTech and Arc-Net have recently developed blockchain solutions. Besides that, Deloitte has a specialized blockchain lab in Dublin.