10 months ago

John McAfee, the creator of McAfee Security, reported that he is ready to file legal charges against HitBTC, after the exchange allegedly did not respond to his complaints.

Earlier, McAfee accused HitBTC of almost killing tons of poor people around the world, and called on users to refrain from using the cryptocurrency exchange. The crypto enthusiast claims that he is dissatisfied is high fees for many ICO tokens withdrawal.

McAfee emphasized that HitBTC ignored twelve of his appeals. Some people suggest that McAfee’s allegations against HitBTC are related to the fact that crypto-exchange charges a commission for a withdrawal of tokens of the medical cryptoproject Docademic, which McAfee promotes in his social media. McAfee himself denied this rumors.

HitBTC responded to McAfee’s allegations in Twitter, explaining that the reason for the high fees for Dodacademic tokens withdrawal are caused by their high volatility. HitBTC invited McAfee to help the exchange to create a system that would effectively track too high fees for withdrawals.