8 months ago

Kaspersky Lab experts reported that cybercriminals managed to steal $2.3 million in crypto in the second quarter of 2018, according to the company’s press release.

According to security experts, in the second quarter of this year Kaspersky Lab prevented more than 60 thousand crossings to phishing websites. Similar websites pretend to be popular cryptocurrency wallets and exchanges to entice user data and passwords. Also, scammers create fake ICO and distribution of tokens.

It is noted that some users are not aware of the existence of phishing websites. Also in the report there are statistics on countries, reflecting the global scope of phishing. Cybercrimes are committed around the world, and the most active regions are South America and Asia. Thus, in the second quarter, 15.5% of attacks were committed in Brazil.

As previousy reported, Kaspersky Lab has recently announced that over the past year cybercriminals managed to get more than 21 000 ETH through social engineering.