8 months ago

The Kazakhstan Association of Horse Racing is preparing to use crypto in its industry, and, after the launch of Pegasus Coin, is going to fundamentally change the entire equestrian industry.

The main goal of the association is the creation of an innovative object in the field of world equestrian sport – the horse racing complex Horse Racing Park. The park plans to develop its own purse for Pegasus Coin and other crypto currency, through which it will be possible to carry out contactless payments and exchange of digital currencies.

It is also planned that Pegasus Coin, blessed with the boundless nature of cryptocurrency, will be used for betting on horse racing around the world. In the near future, the Kazakhstan Association of Equestrian Horses is going to hold for the ICO Park, becoming one of the few real-life and resource-supported projects that attract financing in this way.

Recently in spring, the Russian Association of CryptoCurrency and Blockchain (RACIB) invited the Russian authorities of Belarus and Kazakhstan to jointly develop a mechanism for regulating crypto, taking into account their experience and developments in this field.