8 months ago

The real developer of the device – Spotlite USA – did not have the right to produce miners under the brand of the manufacturer of photographic materials. Spotlite USA initially overstated the potential profitability and guaranteed that customers would receive $375 per month, and in two years earnings would be $5,600 with a commission deduction. Cryptocurrency analysts said that was fraud.

The head of Spotlite Mikael Khalson said that the deal with Kodak was canceled because of the intervention of the Securities and Exchange Commission, so the company had to change its plans. It will not rent out KashMiner, but will begin to mine the crypto in Iceland.

“Ah yes, we were all counting on a defunct camera company to save bitcoin. A massive blow, “- sarcastically wrote a crypto-enthusiast Nic Carter in his Twitter. Some users commented that they doubt the relevancy of humorous headings in business articles.