9 months ago

The National Postal Service of South Korea will meet with the management of Goldman Sachs to obtain expert advice on cryptocurrencies.

Korea Mail has already met in New York with the new CEO of the bank, David Solomon. The president of the postal service confirmed that the next meeting would be held in Hong Kong with the participation of the crypto team of the largest bank.

At the same time yesterday it became known that Goldman Sachs suspends plans to launch cryptocurrencies trading than many experts and explain the drop of bitcoin over the past 24 hours.

Unlike the cryptocurrency mentor in the face of the largest bank, the Korean postal service does not yet plan any cryptocurrency investments.

The government of South Korea continues to increase investment in the cryptocurrency sector, possibly planning to soften its position relative to the cryptocurrencies.

Recently in March, it also became known that the US Postal Service (USPS) is considering the use of blockchain technologies to build confidence in its services in the digital environment.