9 months ago

A popular Japanese messenger Line, whose number of users exceeds 200 million people, has announced the launch of its own public blockchain Link Chain and cryptocurrency called Link.

It is reported that the first blockchaim in the network was created on August 23. Tokenov Link will be issued 1 billion of which 800 million will be distributed among users, and the remaining 200 million will remain at the disposal of the company.

The messenger does not plan to conduct ICO, instead the tokens will act as an incentive for users involved in creating decentralized applications based on the Link Chain network. The first two applications on the messenger messenger will appear in September, and in the first quarter of 2019 their number will exceed 10.

Token Link will be added to its own Bitbox Exchange in September. In the future, tokens will be used for payment purposes within the existing Line Messenger ecosystem.

Bitbox Exchange has not yet passed the licensing of the Japanese regulator, so residents of the home country of the messenger can not use it. At the moment they can purchase the so-called Link Point, which will be exchanged for full-value cryptocurrency assets after the launch of the exchange in Japan.