8 months ago

Lufthansa Innovation Hub (LIH) and the SAP.iO Berlin Foundry have collaborated and announced the first global Blockchain Challenge for the airline industry in the world.

The challenge is aimed at finding potential opportunities and driving implementation of blockchain technology in the aviation. Another goal is to attract the most talented blockchain entrepreneurs from different countries and give them an opportunity to create ideas and bring them to life.

The challenge is divided into three parts: the Airline Challenge, the Traveler Challenge and the Supplier Challenge. The first one aims to promote solutions that liquidate errors and enhance accuracy in airline operations. The second one is for solutions that make the flight more comfortable and enjoyable for passengers.  The third category is aimed at promoting ideas that increase transparency of supply chains and maintenance.

The ideas submission phase of the Blockchain Aviation Challenge will end on the 31st of August, 2018. Then the selection shortlist will be announced. The final stage will be held at the Lufthansa Innovation Forum in front of senior management from Lufthansa Group and SAP.