7 months ago

One of the oldest institutions in the Philippines, Ateneo de Manila University, has partnered with the MediXserve company to launch the first Ateneo MediXserve Blockchain Education and Research laboratory (shortly – AMBER). They will not only study the technology, but apply it for the greater good as well – to ameliorate the national quality of life.

It is planned that AMBER will be both a scientific center and a business incubator for startups that use DLT in the Philippines and in other third-world countries. Representatives noted that blockchain ensures the transparency,  it makes transactions safer, reduces costs when signing contracts and administrative expenses – this is why they are aiming to use it for the public weal.

As Dr. Maria Luz Vilches, vice-president of Loyola Schools, stated, “I think it’s great that such a project is not started for profit, but is aimed at gaining knowledge about the DLT that can reduce poverty in the country.”