9 months ago

The founder of Monex Group, one of the largest Internet brokers in Japan, Oki Matsumoto, expressed the opinion that crypto-currencies determine the future of the global financial sector.

In an interview in July this year, Matsumoto said that Monex has every chance to create a new type of global cyber space and extensive financial service for large companies and retail customers, but this became possible only with the advent of virtual currencies.

After the acquirement of the Coincheck exchange, which fell a victim to one of the largest hacker attacks, the international company Monex planted itself in the crypto industry. It is Matsumoto’s values that made him purchase this controversial exchange.

Monex is the creation of Oki Matsumoto, who founded the company in 1999, wishing to make the platform for managing personal finances of Japanese citizens, for investing one’s savings in various assets. After the successful work of Monex for 19 years, Oki Matsumoto’s view turned to cryptocurrency and DLT, which, he said, could change the economy of Japan and the world in general.