9 months ago

Crypto hedge fund Multicoin Capital believes in prospects of EOS and Ethereum unlike Litecoin and Ripple.

“If you told me to pick one token today and come back in 10 years, I’d pick Ethereum,” co-founder of the fund Kyle Samani said.

The representative of Multicoin Capital also called not significant a hitch that delayed the deployment of EOS network. “People seem to forget, but Ethereum in its early days back in 2015 when the blockchain launched, it launched with no tooling, no infrastructure at all. People were really trying to beat this thing into the ground, and the system was pretty just challenging to use for quite some time. EOS was better than that,” – Samani claimed.

According to Samani, Litecoin does not have a reason for exist. And XPR and LTC will be reduce in Multicoin investment portfolio.

Kyle Samani also fears that US regulators will recognize XRP as a security. Not a single US crypto exchange now has the necessary licenses to trade this type of assets, and it will be a long time until at least one of them passes the appropriate certification, Samani explained.