8 months ago

BMW Group has announced that as a result of careful selection, it chose six new projects including two blockchain start-ups to jointly launch the research program of the BMW Financial Services Collaboration Lab.

BMW Financial Services Collaboration Lab is an accelerating program for entrepreneurs and start-ups who want to become partners of BMW in order to develop and implement innovative solutions and technologies that can benefit consumers, dealers and partners.

According to a press release published on the website of the car manufacturer, BMW Group Financial Services, BMW’s financial division, selected only 6 fiinteh start-ups from 212 competing companies as part of the first launch of the BMW Financial Services Collaboration Lab with the goal of developing innovative solutions for the automotive and financial sectors.

The first startup, Supermoney, develops a crypto-coin, which will allow you to pay for goods and services using QR-codes.

The second, Bloom, uses a blockchain to identify customers without having to store their data on the local server.

Recall that the international auto giant BMW earlier this year has already launched a pilot test of a blockchain-platform for accounting mileage of rented cars together with the project DOVU.