7 months ago

A startup team Braiins Systems has announced the launch of software that will solve many problems of miners.

Braiins Systems monitors the work of the mining pool Slush Pool, so the launch of the software aims to provide support primarily to its participants. The company’s blog says that the operating system Braiins OS will be the first open source product for cryptocurrency devices.

The software will help miners solve numerous problems that they systematically face. In particular, for several years the Slush Pool team has been struggling with the non-standard behavior of equipment for mining. This provokes difficulties in the work of the pool and slows down the production of cryptocurrency.

The software reflashes the system of mining equipment and standardizes its operation. Ultimately, the standardization of the operation of devices will significantly reduce the time of extraction of each coin, and the productivity of the pool as a whole will be significantly higher, according to Braiins Systems.

Earlier it was reported that specialists of Innosilicon, which produces equipment for the production of virtual currencies, released a new high-performance device T2 Turbo for the mining of bitcoins.