8 months ago

On 3th of October two investigators of the Greek financial police announced the interrogation of Alexander Vinnik in connection with the beginning of criminal proceedings against him. Alexander was denied access to his lawyer, what is legal according to the Greek laws. During the interrogation the detained was also refused the Russian council’s presence. Under the circumstances Vinnik didn’t give any testimony before acquainting with the charges.

© AFP 2018 / Sakis Mitrolidis

On 2th of October Alexander Vinnik had to be interrogated by representatives of the Russian law enforcement agencies. He refused to testify without the presence of his lawyer, fearing that the information that was interesting for the Russian party could be then used against him by Greek, French and U.S. sides.

In the view of Vinnik’s position, the interrogation was rescheduled and it will take place on 5th of October.


Alexander Vinnik was arrested on 25th July in 2017 upon request of the USA authorities in Greece. According to the position of prosecutors, Vinnik has laundered more than $4 billions through the BTC-e crypto exchange. He doesn’t admit his guilt and resists the extradition to USA or France, where he has been wanted since the end of June.

From the point of Vinnik’s view, France serves as a mediator between Greece and USA, where the man can be sentenced to 20 years of imprisonment.

“I will answer all questions in the Russian court, in its fair decision I am sure, unlike in the courts of other countries.”

Alexander Vinnik in the interview for RIA Novosti

On 4th of September the Supreme Greek court Areopagus ruled to extradite Vinnik to Russia, on 14th of September the court officially issued a decision to approve the extradition of Alexander Vinnik to Russia. Nevertheless, the intentions of the French party aren’t still denied. The interrogation of Vinnik by French investigators was postponed to 1st of October, the appeal against his extradition to France was appointed on 17th of October.