7 months ago

New Zealand’s state agency responsible for work with innovations, Callaghan Innovation, has invested $315,000 in the Vimba cryptocurrency platform, Scoop reports.

Photo by Alex Siale on Unsplash

Vimba, earlier known as MyCryptoSaver and MyBitcoinSaver, offers services for buying and selling cryptocurrencies as well as funds’ storage. One of the platform’s functions allows its users to allocate small sums in BTC or ETH weekly.

“Investment form Callaghan innovation are very important and show faith in the future of such assets. The received funds will be spent on new functionality for the platform improvement. We are going to develop a multisig wallet and broaden the spectrum of used cryptos”,

told Sam Blackmore, the head of Vimba.

Despite the big downturn of the market, Blackmore has an optimistic outlook on the cryptocurrency future.

“We believe that Bitcoin will reach the capitalization of gold reserves since it is a more efficient, affordable and reliable version of these reserves. For it to happen, bitcoin should cost around $600,000, which is 60 times more than now”,

– claimed Blackmore.

During the next several weeks New Zealand based company is going to launch its platform in Great Britain.